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cat hiding her paws

What is it with people and cat paws?

My female human is obsessed with my pink paws. She’s constantly taking pictures of my paws and my nose. I even hide my paws from her, afraid that her obsession will become dangerous for me… And to prove I am right, here’s a photo of my little Russian friend’s paws. My human focused her camera […]

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attack of the red ribbon

How to catch a red ribbon?

The perfect plan in catching a red ribbon. Step one: notice the ribbon! Step two: ambush the ribbon! Step three: chew on it to take its superpowers! And that’s the proper way to defeat a red ribbon! No need to thank me, I already know I’m a brilliant cat! Love, TheMitsi!

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cat hangover

Cat hangover?

I don’t really understand what a hangover is, but if it has anything to do with my lack of desire to get out of bed after I ate a whole can of delicious cat food, then yes, I am hungover!

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themitsi as a kitten

A kitten’s 10 commandments

1. I am your kitten and your only kitten! You must respect me, feed me, cherish me every day, every minute! 2. You must not love or cherish other kittens beside me! When in doubt, read the first commandment again and again until you understand it! 3. You must consider me your idol, the best thing that has ever […]

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cat sniffing the beer

Cats love alcoholic drinks!

My cat, TheMitsi loves alcohol! How did I find out? Well, every time we open a can of beer she starts meowing like crazy. I mean, she’s loud and annoying and very demanding. But we don’t give her alcohol since it’s bad for her small liver. One morning I opened the kitchen door in front […]

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