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where is that toy

Mitsi says: Play time!

So what if it’s six o’clock in the morning? It’s the perfect time to play in bed! Ok, human, it’s time to wake up! Grab that camera and my feathery stick and let’s have some fun. You can tell that my human was sleepy when she took this photo because I look bad in it. […]

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TheMitsi panting like a dog

I love to play and I love to jump as high as I can. I wish my humans would play with me more and more. Now they have more toys so they should pay me more attention.  So what if I pant like a dog?  It means I really love my toys, right?! What can I […]

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my toy

Hot summer for cats

Although it is a very hot summer in Romania, TheMitsi is still a very playful cat. She got new toys and she’s running around the house every morning and every evening like a cat athlete. Do you have something for me? What’s that? Pink and fluffy Looks interesting. Might give it a paw … Mine, […]

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attack of the red ribbon

How to catch a red ribbon?

The perfect plan in catching a red ribbon. Step one: notice the ribbon! Step two: ambush the ribbon! Step three: chew on it to take its superpowers! And that’s the proper way to defeat a red ribbon! No need to thank me, I already know I’m a brilliant cat! Love, TheMitsi!

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cat and dices

Cat toys: dices!

Yeah, she loves those dices. I used to throw two or 4 dices and watch my cat try to catch all those dices. It’s really fun, you should try it. After about 20 minutes my cat starts panting like a dog. It’s good exercise for days when felines are very active and won’t go to […]

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Cat thoughts (1)

How come that whenever I want to play with noisy toys my humans always tell me to keep it down, cause the neighbors are sleeping? I mean, why do these neighbors sleep when I want to play? Don’t they know that daytime is for sleep and every night you should play and party hard?!

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Christmas toy for cats :)

For Christmas I asked for a Pink Pony. WTF is this reindeer doing here? There, I spit on your reindeer! I want a pink pony and a white unicorn. Is it too much to ask for decent Christmas presents? God, humans, you’re acting like you don’t know your own cat! (Useful tip: if you sprinkle […]

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Cat toys: strings!

TheMitsi loves a good, strong string from time to time. Don’t know why she loves that red and white twine so much, but I sure won’t try to understand. She’s happy, looks funny and cute when she’s playing with it and this is all I care!

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