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grateful cat

How to be a happy cat?

Be grateful for what you’ve got. Be appreciative of each day and for all the nice people in your life. Love those people who give you food and scratch your chin. Purr as loudly as you can, meow and play good kitty for those humans who make sure you have plenty of food in your […]

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cat and her garden

Lazy afternoon on the balcony

I love to have all sorts of plants in my house. Pot flowers are colorful and add a small piece of the nature in our concrete apartment. But because we also have TheMitsi I’m careful about the plants I grow. For instance, I don’t have any lilys since all the flowers from the lilium genus […]

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kitten eyes

Innocent look!

This is one of TheMitsi’s innocent look she has when she knows she’s done something bad but she doesn’t want to be punished. So she gives me this look hoping that I will forgive her and cuddle:

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cat sniffing on a soap

Stylish cat

Lately I’ve been testing many organic products courtesy of Organique. And whenever I got a package with new products, TheMitsi was there, sniffing and licking my boxes. It’s like those organic products are attracting her like catnip. Usually she runs away when I put on a new facial cream or I try a new bathing […]

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cat whiskers

Instagram cat!

I’m trying out the AfterShot Pro trial from Corel for photo editing and I’ve been testing it on my photos of TheMitsi. She doesn’t mind, in fact she’s very much delighted to be my model. Everytime I take out the camera, she’s like making faces, staring at me, posing and well, being a photogenic cat! […]

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cat staring

Tomi and his secret

He looks like a serious cat who’s ready to take over the internet world. He can scratch the new couch and still get away unpunished due to his green intimidating eyes… Winter or snow doesn’t scare him but makes him stronger Still, at the end of the day, he’s just a cat sleeping with his […]

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tomi the cat

My white brother, Tomi

He’s just a white cat, he’s not as important as I am, TheMitsi. I mean, I have longer eyelashes and longer whiskers. He can’t beat me at that! You can see in this picture that  he’s such a show off! I can do better, I can sleep in weirder places and positions  

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