KISS almost had a brand new frontman!

Ever since I found out about Paul Stanley‘s vocal surgery I kept telling to myself: this is it! This is my chance to be famous! And I did it, I went to the auditions (I bet you didn’t even know they were looking for a new frontman!)! There was I, the mighty and talented TheMitsi (my name is cool, right?!) living my rock dream: to sing with Kiss!

They loved me from the first sound I made. They said I’m going to revolutionize the music industry, that all the other bands are going to be jealous because only Kiss has a frontman with so much talent!

We started talking about going on tours and singing all over the world when all of a sudden the guitarist, I don’t even want to mention his name, told me he has a problem with fury creatures. Oh, buddy, I could shave, but then I would look like an idiotic creature.

So I had to give up my dream of singing with Kiss and I woke up. But I think I’d make a damn good frontcat for the band, don’t you think? Just look at me:


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